PXXHDC 52-4 Porcelain Disc Suspension Insulator

short description:

Price: 2.5-4.9usd

Diameter (D): 10Inches (254mm)

Spacing (H): 5 3/4Inches (146mm)

Leakage Distance: 12 5/8Inches (320mm)

Dry Arcing Distance: 7 3/4Inches (197mm)

Coupling Size: Type B

Net Weight Each: 10.36Pounds (4.7kg)

Product Detail

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Place of origin: China
Brand name: PXXHDC
Model name: 52-4
Type: insulator
Material: porcelain
Application: High voltage
Rated voltage: 11kV
Tensile strength: 67kN
Color: white and brown
Product name: 52-4 disc suspension insulator
Certification: ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO18001
Usage: Insulation protection
Standard: ANSI/IEC60383
Advantage: factory price, high quality
Packing: wooden case
MOQ: 1000 Pieces

Mechanical Values

Combined M&E Strength: 15,000Pounds (67kN)
Impact Strength: 55Inch-pounds (6.2Nm)
Routine Proof Test Load: 7,500Pounds (33.3kN)
Time Load Test Value: 10,000Pounds (44.5kN)
Maximum Working Load: 7,500Pounds (33.3kN)

Electrical Values

Low-frequency Dry Flashover Voltage: 80kV
Low-frequency Wet Flashover Voltage: 50kV
Critical Impulse Flashover Voltage, Positive: 125kV
Critical Impulse Flashover Voltage, Negative: 130kV
Low Frequency Puncture Voltage: 110kV
RIV Test Voltage to Ground: 10kV
Maximum RIV at 1,000kHz: 50μV
Produce procedure: Choose material=> Mix material=> Sift out=> Grinding=> Iron remove
=> Mud pressing=> Vacuuming mud drilling=> Shaping=> Drying=> Assemble=> Firing=> Glazing=> Inspection=> Packing=>Shipping

Insulator types

For the purposes of the parts of IEC60383. Overhead line insulators are divided into the four following types:
—pin insulators
—line post insulators
—string insulator units, divided into two sub-types:
Cap and pin insulators
Long rod insulators
Insulators for overhead electric traction lines.

Insulating material

The insulating material of overhead line insulators coved by this parts are:
—ceramic material, porcelain
—annealed glass, being glass in which mechanical stresses have been relaxed by thermal treatment.
—toughened glass, being glass in which controlled, mechanical stress have been included by thermal treatment.

Insulator string

One or more connected string insulator units intended to give flexible support to overhead line conductor and stressed mainly in tension.

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