PXXHDC 52-1 Porcelain Disc Suspension Insulator

short description:

Diameter (D): 6 1/2Inches (165mm)

Spacing (H): 5 1/2Inches (140mm)

Leakage Distance: 7Inches (178mm)

Dry Arcing Distance: 4 1/2Inches (114mm)

Coupling Size: Type B

Net Weight Each: 5.51Pounds (2.5kg)

Product Detail

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Place of origin: China
Brand name: PXXHDC
Model name: 52-1
Type: insulator
Material: porcelain
Application: High voltage
Rated voltage: 11kV
Tensile strength: 44kN
Color: white and brown
Product name: 52-1 disc suspension insulator
Certification: ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO18001
Usage: Insulation protection
Standard: ANSI/IEC60383
Advantage: factory price, high quality
Packing: wooden case
MOQ: 1000 Pieces

Mechanical Values

Combined M&E Strength: 10,000Pounds (44kN)
Impact Strength: 45Inch-pounds (5Nm)
Routine Proof Test Load: 5,000Pounds (22kN)
Time Load Test Value: 6,000Pounds (27kN)
Maximum Working Load: 5,000Pounds (22kN)
Electrical Values
Low-frequency Dry Flashover Voltage: 60kV
Low-frequency Wet Flashover Voltage: 30kV
Critical Impulse Flashover Voltage, Positive: 100kV
Critical Impulse Flashover Voltage, Negative: 100kV
Low Frequency Puncture Voltage: 80kV
RIV Test Voltage to Ground: 7.5kV
Maximum RIV at 1,000kHz: 50μV


Procedures for type and sample tests.
Insulator for type tests:
The quantity of insulators to be tested for each test, as indicated in the cross-reference table in the relevant section (6,7,8.or 9), shall be taken from a lot of insulators which meets the requirements of the relevant sample and routine tests.
Sampling rules and procedures for sample tests
For the sample tests, two samples are used, E1 and E2. The sizes of these samples are indicated in the table below. When more thank 10,000 insulators are concerned they shall be divided into an optimum number of equal lots comprising between 2000 and 10000 insulators, The results of the tests shall be evaluated separately for each lot.

Lot size (N)

Sample size

E1           E2


Subject to agreement










The insulators shall be selected at random from the lot. The purchaser has the right to make
The selection.
The samples shall be subjected to the applicable sample tests shown in the cross-reference table given in the relevant section (6,7,8 or 9), in the case of failure of the sample to satisfy a test, the relevant re-test procedure ( see subclause 8.3) shall be applied.

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