Product name: U70BP/146 anti-pollution suspension disc suspension insulator

short description:

Diameter (D): 10Inches (254mm)

Spacing (H): 5 1/2Inches (140mm)

Leakage Distance: 16.92Inches (430mm)

Dry Arcing Distance: 7 3/4Inches (197mm)

Coupling Size: Type B

Product Detail

Product Tags

Place of origin: China
Brand name: PXXHDC
Model name: U70BP/146

Type: insulator
Material: porcelain
Application: High voltage
Rated voltage: 11kV
Tensile strength: 67kN
Color: white and brown
Product name: U70BP/146 anti-pollution suspension disc suspension insulator
Certification: ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO18001
Usage: Insulation protection
Standard: ANSI/IEC60383
Advantage: factory price, high quality
Packing: wooden case
MOQ: 1000 Pieces

Mechanical Values

Combined M&E Strength: 15,000Pounds (67kN)
Impact Strength: 55Inch-pounds (6.2Nm)
Routine Proof Test Load: 7,500Pounds (33.3kN)
Time Load Test Value: 10,000Pounds (44.5kN)
Maximum Working Load: 7,500Pounds (33.3kN)


Power frequency withstand Voltage wet: 42kV

Power frequency withstand Voltage dry: 80kV

Dry lightning impulse withstand voltage:120kV
Low Frequency Puncture Voltage: 120kV
RIV Test Voltage to Ground: 10kV
Maximum RIV at 1,000kHz: 50μV

33kv Disc Suspension Insulator、Ceramic Disc Insulator、Disc Ceramic Insulator、Disc Insulator、Disc Porcelain Insulator

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