The company’s autumn tour was a complete success

In the golden autumn of October, maple leaves are red all over the mountains. In order to further enrich the life of employees, enhance their feelings and enhance the vitality of the team, on October 15, under the leadership of Liu Yunhua, chairman of the company, more than 30 members of the company’s management team visited Yilong Cave in Pingxiang and Yangqishan in Shangli, and carried out group building activities.

Yilong Cave is known as the first cave in the world. The landscape in the cave is peculiar. The clear springs fly down from the cliffs, and the strange rocks are jagged and varied. While playing, everyone was intoxicated in the wonders of this cave, and the 2-hour hike was completed with laughter.

After a good lunch at noon, everyone went to Yang Qishan, the birthplace of Zen Buddhism-Yang Qizong, to visit and play. Appreciating the towering mountains, watching the secluded bamboo, and worshiping the Wen Quxing Wen Ting-style tombs. Everyone is amazed by the beauty of nature and proud of the outstanding people in their hometown.

Finally, the company organized a team expansion activity according to local conditions. The activity is divided into two parts. The first is to carry out the company’s corporate culture should know and answer, idiom guessing, and two-part allegorical sayings. 1 as the host throws a question, the employee will answer it. The speed is surprising. It can be seen that Xuhua people’s quick thinking and love for company culture. Then interesting sports activities are carried out. There are not only one-legged cockfighting games for good men and women who display their personal wisdom, but also one-legged cockfighting games for employees to fight against the boss, as well as a game of holding the ball that reflects teamwork. In a burst of laughter, everyone won prizes, deepened their feelings and had a good time.


Post time: Oct-15-2020